Our Goals


The TRSSA trustees have four (4) initial fundraising goals:

The TRSAA In-Class Technology Initiative – $150,000

The TRSAA’s ICT Initiative will provide a minimum of $150,000 to ensure that South students have much better access to quality technology and support. However, we clearly recognize that simply placing expensive computers or software in the classroom does not guarantee better scholastic performance, the primary goal of this initiative. To the contrary, without proper support and training for the teachers and staff, or without the personnel to adequately maintain our technology investment, our efforts in this initiative will be wasted.

We will therefore maximize the value of your donations. Before we invest a single penny of these funds, we will perform due diligence to ensure that our investment in technology at South results in high-quality technology that it will be utilized by students and teachers on a daily basis and will be integrated into the curriculum.

To that end, we are already working closely with Toms River Schools’ administration as they perform their “Model Classroom” analysis. Once that effort is completed (December of 2013) and the BOE approves any recommendations, TRSAA will know what “baseline” technology will be provided by the District. Our financial contribution will provide technology and support over and above the District’s baseline, thereby exposing South kids to the highest level of technology and support in the District.

Please help us support this worthwhile initiative.

Repairs and Upgrades to the Building and Facilities – $100,000

Anyone walking the hallways at South sees that our beloved building needs a lot of “tender loving care.” The Toms River School District has been so fiscally-conservative over the past decade that there simply isn’t enough funding available to fix everything at every building in the District (which is comprised of 18 schools and several additional ancillary buildings). And let’s face it, the only way to raise spending on buildings is to raise taxes. Nobody wants that.

TRSAA is going to give South the “TLC” it needs. We are already collaborating with administration to compile a detailed list of necessary repairs and worthwhile upgrades, and we will prioritize the list accordingly. Of course, the District will be responsible for any repairs or other issues related to the health and safety of the students, staff, and visitors. The donations we receive for this initiative will then be properly prioritized and we will chip away at the list as time moves on. If $100,000 isn’t enough, then we will adjust our fundraising goal to the appropriate number. In fact, we are investigating the feasibility and cost of putting air conditioning in each classroom at South. Naturally, that would significantly increase our goals, but in the end, the building and grounds at South will again be the envy of its peers!

Please help us support this worthwhile initiative.

The “TRSAA Scholarship Program”

In addition to raising a minimum of $250,000 for technology and building repairs, the Trustees have created the “TRSAA Scholarship Program.” This coming June, we will present the Class of 2014 with at least two $500 scholarships, one each for a male and a female graduate of Toms River South. Since we are an alumni association, the Trustees decided that the main criterion for these awards will be the children or grandchildren of TRS alumni.

We will provide additional information about the TRSAA Scholarship Program, including a link to the scholarship application, in the near future.

The Toms River South Safety Officer Initiative

Due to very real budgetary issues, the experienced and well-respected safety officer at South leaves the building during the four lunch periods to patrol in the downtown area. This at least creates the perception that our students and staff are less safe than the other two high schools in town, which have safety officers during the entire school day.

To rectify this issue, the TRSAA Trustees are communicating with Toms River Police and the District to investigate whether a short-term and a long-term solution can be crafted. We know that fixing this problem will require financial support from TRSAA, in one form or another. Through our collaboration with all the stakeholders involved, we will identify an acceptable solution and the associated costs. We will then update this page with our fundraising goal and get to work.

The safety of our children and the staff at South is a paramount goal that can never be taken for granted. Therefore, through your generosity and mutual efforts of the TRSAA, the District, and Toms River Police, we will make sure that the students and staff at South are provided with the same level of safety and protection as North and East.

Please help us support this worthwhile initiative.

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